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Monday, October 22 2012

Assessor's Property Tax Cards, Testimony Found to be Sufficient


In McPherson Mansion LLC v. City of Howell, Michigan Court of Appeals, No. 305705, October 16, 2012, the Michigan Tax Tribunal's adoption of the assessed valuation on the property tax rolls as its independent determination of value of a parcel of property was proper because the Tax Tribunal's determination was supported by competent and substantial evidence.


The city submitted the tax cards for the property, which included the property's assessed value for the tax years at issue. Included in the tax cards for each year was a true cash value calculation based on the cost approach to valuation.  The cost approach was one of the three traditional methods of determining true cash value that was accepted and relied upon by the tribunal and the courts.  Further, the city's assessor stated that she determined cost by applying a cost value from the state assessor's manual.  These calculations were reflected in the tax cards and showed a cost based on the property's square footage.  The tax cards, along with the state assessor's testimony, provided competent and substantial evidence supporting the Tax Tribunal's determination.

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